Weight Management Near Me: A Common Search

Healthy Weight Management Post

Are you looking to finally achieve your weight loss goals with the help of a weight management professional? 

Have you tried diet after diet to find yourself regaining the weight you lost?

I get it! Before becoming a dietitian, I was in the same boat and had so many questions!

What is “healthy”? How long should I work out? How much water should I drink? How many calories do I need to lose weight?

This post will explain how an individualized weight management program may be the answer to achieve weight loss that lasts. 

So, let’s get to it! 

What is weight management?

Weight management is a technique that can support long term weight loss, when approached correctly. A common mistake many people make is they focus only on weight loss and skip the step of behavioral changes.

Simply, weight loss is an outcome of behavioral changes. Day to day habits will determine long term success. 

When considering a weight loss, you focus on the next step to get there. That simple, friends. 

Why is it important?

Sitting down and considering how you will lose weight is vital for long term success. Think about how many times you lost weight on a diet, most likely several! 

Think about how many times you regained the weight and how much extra came along with it. 

Now, think about how many times you kept the weight off? 

The importance of behavioral changes for weight management should be a priority to prevent undesirable health conditoi.  As we all know, changing habits does not happen overnight, it takes time.  You must be patient with the process and yourself! 

Why will flexibility guide your goals?

What do most diets lack? Flexibility. 

Diets are not long term solutions, they’re quick fixes that in all honesty, extend your ability to reach your long term weight goals. 

Weight management includes being flexible with your lifestyle, you’re not married to any certain way of eating. As you shouldnt be! 

As I always tell my clients, there is no such thing as good or bad food. Food does not have a soul or personality, it’s just food. 

However, you have the ability to choose how much and how frequently you will have certain foods. 

Avoiding foods you love, enjoy and are part of your family get togethers are a must! Long term success with weight management includes them! 

Personally, I remember when I was told by a “nutritionist” at gym that I could not eat tortillas or soda to lose weight. 

I was devastated and it really began to affect my relationship with food and how I enjoyed my time with my family. 

That change in my relationship with food led me to become a registered dietitian to finally learn the truth and help others! 

It’s really unfortunate that people that we trust can provide misleading information, but it happens! 

Top 5 tips to begin your weight management journey today!

  • Be real with yourself! Make changes that are realistic for you and your unique life and needs. 
  • Review what SMART goals are and have it guide you. Simply google “what SMART goal are”
  • Create 1-2 goals to work on at a time, don’t move on until you are confident you can continue with your first 2. 
  • Be patient with yourself. Don’t expect to master anything too soon. Take your time, it’s your journey, learn from it and grow! 
  • Seek guidance! It’s okay to seek professional guidance to help you with your weight management journey. As a dietitian nutrition coach, I’ve found working with a client for 9+ months provides faster results than for those who avoid seeking professional help for years! 

Weight management is a lifelong journey that begins with one lifestyle modification at a time. The goal is to work on long term results and to improve our health, long and short term. 

Creating flexible goals can greatly increase the likelihood of success and sustainability of changes! Following simple tips as provided above can be a wonderful start to your weight management journey! So try something different, venture out! Ditch the diet and say hello to flexible, day to day changes.  

Interested in 1:1 nutrition coaching to begin your weight management journey today? Contact me today for a FREE 15 minute consult!

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