Individualized Plan For Weight Control: A Sustainable Approach 

Individualized plan for weight control

How many times have you told yourself, “I’ll start tomorrow”, “I’ll wait until Monday”  or “That’s my new year’s goal” ?

Most likely more than once! And to be honest, who hasn’t? 

And how many times have you been through the famous diet cycle finding yourself with the ups and downs based on what the scale says?

It’s a vicious cycle!

Personally, I was there so much that I became annoyed, disgusted at everything! I felt like no one would just answer my question of “How do I lose weight?!”

Reality is, we tend to go back to what we know, what feels comfortable. Even if it only provided short term relief or results. We are creatures of habit!

After years of no clear answer just “work out and eat right” (which is not wrong, just vague), I decided to find out for myself! 

When it comes to weight loss, an individualized approach to behavioral modifications is key!

Today, I would like to explain how an individualized nutrition plan can lead to sustainable weight loss. 

So, let’s get right into it! 

Why would one plan fit all?

When was the last time a diet asked YOU what you liked and considered your daily/weekly schedule?

Most likely, never! 

Diets are created to serve an entire community of people with unique lives. And because of this, it fails to provide sustainable results. 

Yes, of course you have to make behavioral changes to lose weight but the change(s) you need are most likely different from your friends, kids, and even spouse. I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals at this point, and each has been a unique approach. 

One plan or a diet may work for some time but if your goal is to keep the weight off, you must consider yourself an individual that does not fit in the “cookie box cutter” diet world. 

Why would you, you’re unique!!

How to approach a plan for sustainable weight loss?

Simple, learn about yourself and what you need. Sometimes what we need is different from what we want. We may want to lose weight but may actually need to first improve our relationship with food first! 

Most of the individuals I work with find that obtaining long term results with weight loss begins in the mind. Learning about how you feel about yourself/food, improving your sleeping patterns and managing your stress is often the first step.

Does that surprise you? If it does, it may indicate you should try a different approach to weight loss. 

Adopting an individualized plan begins by building a strong foundation. You wouldn’t want to build your castle on a sluggish hill with high risk of an earthquake, right?!

Same with your weight loss plan, it should be a gradual and individualized approach that is STRONG! 

When you’ve completed some basics, consider what foods you like and why? Do you often feel hungry? Do you have emotions tied to food? Do you feel guilty during holidays? This may lead to discoveries! 

After creating your foundation, you build!! 

When should you seek guidance from a qualified professional?

The sooner, the better. 

Let me share a quick story!

When I decided to open my nutrition coaching business, I found myself struggling on so many levels. The ups and downs of the internet is that it has so much information! What is corrent? What will help my business grow?

Too much information can be worse than no information. 

So, I decided to invest in a business coach. Was it scary? Yep! But was it worth it? Beyond!!

One of the best things I’ve done for myself and business, is to invest!

Why would it be any different from your health?

Is your health not worth investing to save time and take off years feeling confused?

Invest and work with a coach for one year or feel confused for several more years? What will actually save you time and stress?!

In short, take the time now to seek a dietitian nutrition coach that you connect with! Check out their social media and see if you resonate with their content. That’s what I did when I was looking for my business coach, and it worked! 

You want to experience a little fear and a lot of excitement when pursuing your weight management goals with a coach.  

Get outside your comfort zone and try something different!

Contact us today if your looking to try a program that is based on you, not your neighbor!

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