Consistency and Weight Loss: Why Patience is Key 

Consistency is key to weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, who wouldn’t want quick results?

Be honest, everyone! 

But when it comes to weight changes, it’s vital to adopt new habits and truly change your lifestyle. 

Most of us have found ourselves trying diets that encourage us to skip meals, avoid entire food groups or even fast for several days (or weeks!) to lose weight. 

And often, the desire to lose weight (quickly) can over take the actual benefits of obtaining a healthy weight. 

If anyone understands, it’s me! I’ve been there and done that!

I’ve lost weight and fast! 

But with the rapid weight loss, came other things…

Such as, intense cravings, hair loss, temperament changes (talk about, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry!), fatigue, and so much more!

If you’ve tried a diet, you know what I mean! 

Today, I’ll like to explain how quick results are not the answer and how consistency is key to achieve your long term weight loss goals! 

So, let’s go! 

What we are told. 

We watch tv, tiktok, instagram and news outlets that tell us to “try a new diet” to lose weight fast! or you’ll read a link that says, “What to lose weight by summer? Click me!” or a celebrity will explain their “secret to fast weight loss” and instantly grab everyone’s attention. 

We are told that we can lose weight fast and since we see models and celebrities keep their weight off, we believe it’s sustainable. 

But as we dig in and learn about their methods and even personal thoughts, we find it caused more harm than good. 

Talk about developing eating disorders or negative thoughts about our hard working bodies! As time progresses, we find more news outlets explaining how these “quick fixes” are not the answer to healthy lives. 

But it’s still difficult to change what we have practiced for years, quick fix diets. 

We know it most likely won’t work, but we still do it. Over and over again. 

Can you relate to this?!

Being honest, how many times have you told yourself, “This is it!  I will keep the weight off” but have found yourself regaining the weight and allowing it to construct negative thoughts about yourself. 

This my friends is called the comfort zone. 

The Comfort Zone

This zone we know and feel nice and warm in (cuddle time!). 

So, even if it doesn’t really work long term, it’s what we know and what feels safe. 

Humans do not like seeking out “something new” due to potential dangers, our survival instinct, you may say. 

Either way, we tend to overthink when trying something new and often avoid it. Even if we remain in the same position for the next several months or years! It can be vicious!

Patient and yet in a rush!

I always say to my potential clients, “What will take longer, a year with me or years of continued confusion and frustration?” 

Many may decide to justify continuing diets and their same lifestyle, which I get! I did that for years and years!

And others take that leap and get uncomfortable with a new process to weight loss!

Getting outside the zone means experiencing FEAR and EXCITEMENT at the same time! It’s conflicting and if we think too much about it, we just won’t do it! 

Sometimes, you just need to take a leap of faith and trust the process. 

How Does Consistency Make a Difference When Losing Weight?

The question is, how would it not?!

Think about it, how many times have you weighed yourself and stopped your new weight loss journey when the scale fails to move in the direction you want it to?

Consistency and Wight Loss

How many times have you stopped because you gained a pound or two?

Or have I seen no weight change in several weeks?

How many times did you stop because of a holiday, vacation or family stressors?

How many times did you stop because the new clothes didn’t fit or someone was not giving the compliments you were looking for? 

Let me tell you friends, after years of practicing weight management , I can confidently tell you that…

Consistency is key to real results that last! 

Consider this, 

What if…

You didn’t stop?

What if you continued with your goals even if the scale doesn’t move?

What if you seeked guidance sooner from the appropriate health care professional?

Where would you be today?

The Imperative Move

Try something different. 

I can’t say this enough!

You can begin by creating S.M.A.R.T goals, today!

Consistency and Wight Loss

Create one now! Write it down and keep it! As time goes on, adjust as necessary, but…

Don’t give up!

Want to get out of your comfort zone today?

Contact us and begin your weight management journey now!

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