Faster Way To Fat Loss Meal Plan – LET’S DIG IN 

Faster way to fat los meal plan

Are you looking to lose weight? Specifically, body fat? 

As many will soon start their health goals, you should first understand what may help you lose body fat.

I remember when I would celebrate my weight loss based on the scale. The scale would dictate if I was successful or a failure. 

It’s rough, but it was true! 

Can you relate to this?

Most people can relate which is why today, I would like to explain a faster way to fat loss using simple techniques to support a healthy lifestyle including menu planning. 

Let’s get right to it!  

The Faster Way To Fat Loss

The best and fastest way to lose body fat is to take your time!

That’s right! Take your time to learn how foods fuel you! 

There is no shortcut unless you’re looking for short term results.  

Let’s go back a little. 

Anyone can lose weight; the problem is keeping it off. To keep the weight off you must learn what will help you reach your goals. How will protein help? How will carbs help? And how will fats help? Simply, you must change your lifestyle and mindset! 

Building a strong foundation will make the process faster. Think about it this way, take a solid year to learn about nutrition and health versus taking short cuts for years!

You also should learn why having more lean body mass will help you reach your goals. We should know WHY we have these goals for motivation!

When you’re working to lose body fat, you may notice that your weight remains the same or goes up, but your lean body mass goes up, this is part of the process! 

Weight loss is not a pretty line gown ONLY downward. It’s more like this:

As a weight management dietitian, I may work with a client anywhere from 6 to 1 year but at the end, their mindset changes about nutrition. It’s not just about the scale! It’s also about body composition. 

Body Composition Matters!

Your body contains more than you may think, it’s a very complex and amazing machine! 

As you create healthier habits including diet changes and a physical activity regimen, your body will change. 

Having a higher amount of lean body mass can “improve your metabolism”.

A higher lean body mass means a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR). Simply, your body needs more calories which can make it easy to be in a caloric deficit

If you’re looking to lose body fat, a good start point is:

  1. Caloric deficit
  2. High Protein
  3. High Fiber
  4. At least 3 liters a day of fluid (mainly water)
  5. Physical activity to support your goals – strength training and HIIT workouts are great! 

The challenge may be:

  1. What is your unique caloric deficit?
  2. How much protein do you need without causing stress on vital organs?
  3. How much fiber should you have per day? And how does fiber help support this goal?
  4. Why more water?
  5. Which exact physical activity? What moves?! 

This is when seeking advice is best! If you’ve done it on your own for years, it’s time to try something different! 

We can’t expect DIFFERENT results while doing the SAME things! 

Meal Plan Example

Calories: 1600 calories/day 

  1. Protein: 45%=720 calories =180 grams/day
  2. Carbohydrates: 40% = 640 calories = 160 grams/day 
  3. Fat: 15% = 240 calories = 27 grams/day 

Divide for 3 meals + 1 snack, which will look like this:

Each Meal (3 total): 55 grams protein + 45 gram carbs + 6 grams fat

Snack 1: 15 grams protein + 25 grams carbs + 4 grams fat

Additional tips: 

  1. Aim for 3-4 hours between each meal
  2. And 2 hours from a meal to a snack
  3. If you notice, you’re not losing weight with your current plan, start by removing your snack(s)
  4. Plan ahead- On your free(ish) day, select your food group! What is your PROTEIN? What’re your CARBS(fiber)? And, how will you add healthy FATS?
  5. Learn to read nutrition facts panels and invest in a food scale. 

See Below Example Of Three Day Meal Plan!

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