Virtual Weight Loss Program: Is it right for you?

How many times have you tried searching for a weight loss program near you just to find the limited options which typically include a rigid diet or lifestyle changes that don’t consider your life as a parent, employee, spouse, or a busy individual?

And like many, you may have tried it, lost weight but then found yourself in a place that didn’t TEACH you the HOW or WHY of weight loss. And with all the changes and limited education, old habits that tend to be easier (like skipping meals) started to sneak back into your life?

Personally, I can tell you I tried these diets/programs too many times to count! And honestly, isn’t it frustrating!?

In a world where we have FULL access to the internet and are able to search up anything we tend to leave more confused after our searches than when we began! I mean, really internet?! 

Who and what do we trust?! If covid-19 did anything positive, it improved the opportunity of qualified professionals like registered dietitians, to expand their reach and help more people with evidence based research! 

So, although the internet has too much information, sometimes we have to learn WHO to trust and go from there. 

Today, I want to explain how a virtual nutrition program with a dietitian may be a better option to help you meet your health and weight management goals! 

Why Virtual May Be Your Answer!

As you increase your reach, you’re better able to find a program that is for you! 

What does that mean, let’s talk about it. 

So many clinics have weight loss programs that have the same curriculum for everyone, no matter their personal life. 

The program does not take into consideration cultural or preferred foods and/or busy adult schedules. 

Many weight loss programs tend to be “cookie cutter”, same for everyone who walks into the door. 

What if you could expand your reach and find something different?

A program that is designed to be the last nutrition program you’ll EVER have to try and that’s tailored to you!? 

How would you feel if you had access to it because of the wonderful world wide web?

And, what if this program was ran by a qualified healthcare professional that could help you reach your goals while changing your mindset about nutrition and health?

Would you still go to the clinic near you or venture out and try something different?

A Short Story

Years ago, when I first wanted to start a nutrition company, I felt extremely limited in my reach. I would think, “what about all the people who do not live near me and NEED my services?”

When covid hit, I felt that it may open doors to allow me to help MORE people. 

And did it? YES!

Covid-19 was an extremely difficult time for us all, it was something that we had never experienced but again, it also increased the comfort of trying online programs. I mean, come on, we were all stuck at home, our local choices were limited!

Because most have (and will probably continue) gone online, my program was able to do what I desired it to do, reach more people!  

If you told me years ago that my program would not be held in a traditional office and all my clients would be all over the states, I would have giggled. 

But now, it’s happening and I LOVE it! 

When I was working on weight loss when I was younger I remember feeling so limited in ability to reach the RIGHT person!

I spoke to too many “nutritionists” and “coaches” and they all said the same thing! And again, I tried, lost weight and it came back! Oh, the cycle! 

Human Nature To Stay In The Comfort Zone

As a human, our nature is to fight change! 

To push back and walk away! 

Think about a time when you wanted to go outside your comfort zone, how did it feel?

Did it feel like butterflies and roses? Or did you feel fear?

That same feeling comes when trying a different weight management program.

When it’s not the same, “Lose 30 pounds in 60 days” or “30 day bootcamp”, we may feel as if it’s too different to try. 

And our old habits begin to return and we find ourselves searching for “What’s the best diet to lose weight”. 

Is this true for you?

But, if you’ve tried that before and were not successful for the long term? Would you try something different or just keep the cycle going? 

The MAGIC ALWAYS happens outside the comfort zone!

Now that we have begun to feel safer trying virtual programs…

Would you be willing to get outside your comfort zone and try a different nutrition program? 

What if a program would change HOW you think about health and weight loss and the program encouraged long term success where you would not have to rely on google for answers?

Would you try it?

I challenge you, now that most of the world is going virtual, to try a different nutrition program that has been designed to be the LAST nutrition program you’ll EVER have to try. 

Are you ready for that challenge?

If you’re READY for REAL change, contact us today for a FREE 15 minute discovery call and tell us WHY! 

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